Saturday, February 6, 2010


Ecopals Creative Challenge Held on 30th & 31st January in Bangalore attracted more than 500 participants from various schools from all corners of the city. Parents outnumbered children at both the venues to see their kids contesting for the Creative Challenge. There were more than 1500 people altogether/
Traffic Guru, Shri Prahalad Kulkarni, Sub Inspector of Police, Traffic Management Center, Enlightened the participants & parents by giving Traffic Gyan. Children interacted with the Traffic Guru with their doubts. The questions raised by the kids were surprising.
Inayath Ulla Khan, founder of Ecopals gave away Saplings & ornamental plants to the winners so that they learn to nurture the trees, and develop affection with the flora who is also the living members of our ecology.

The message of Ecopals is

“Save Paper, Save Environment, Lets go Green”

An exhibition is in plan to showcase all the paintings done by the participants in near future.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Result of Jayamahal Park Contest held on Saturday-30th Jan 2010.

High School Group

  • 1st Prize: Rakshita.S, VIII Std, Kendriya Vidyalaya, Hebbal
  • 2nd Prize: Lakshmishree.A.J.S, VIII Std, Bethesda High School
  • 3rd Prize: Suaiya Eliyaz, IX Std, Daniyal Modren School
  • Consulation Prize:Chidananda.S.B, VIII Std, BGMS Shshukunj Vidyalaya
  • Consulation Prize:Shreya S Kumar, X Std, Carmel Convent High School, J'nagar
Middle School Group

  • 1st Prize: Deepak.M, VII Syd, Sri Vani Education Centre
  • 2nd Prize: B.T.Harinishri, VI Std, Florence Public School, RT Nagar
  • 3rd Prize: Hershal Ben Edward, VI Std, Florence Public School, RT Nagar
  • Consulation Prize: BJ Mauna Shree,VII Std, Kensri School.
  • Consulation Prize: Ananya Raghavendra, VI Std, Bishop Cotton Girls School
Primary School Group

  • 1st Prize: S.Prajwala, IV B, St.Mira's High School,
  • 2nd Prize: Aravind, Acharya, III Std, Folernce Public School,
  • 3rd Prize: Vriti Kalia, IV Std, Delhi Public School
  • Consulation Prize:Apeksha Pai IV Std, Vidyaniketan Public School,
  • Consulation Prize:Narayana Krishnan, IV Std, Folernce Public School,
  • Consulation Prize:Sahana Hegde,III Std, Sri Vani Education Center,
Colouring Group

  • 1st Prize: Navya Shaju, II Std, Scared Heart Girls School
  • 2nd Prize: Sowbarnica, IV Std, Gulabi Primary School,
  • 3rd Prize: Sohan Immanuel, II Std, Lourdu Primary School
  • Consulation Prize:B.Y.Hrudayesh, UKG, Sadashivanagar Nursery School

We wish best of luck to those who did not win this time. Keep practicing, never giveup until u guys reach your goals.


  • Judges decision is final.
  • We are planning an exhibition to showcase the paintings done by the participants of both the contests, winners will be invited to the echibition by phone.
  • We will issue the certificates & prizes to the winners at the exhibition.
  • Deccan herald has published a photograph of all the winners of Tha Samhita Academy contest on 4th Feb 2010 in its School Edition page2.
  • There are chances of publishing the best paintings in leading dailies.


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Result of Ecopals Creative Challenge held on 30th Jan 2010 at Jayamahal

Dear Pals,
We are arriving at the results very soon. We have filtered(1st filter) the best paintings for the results, and have taken them to eminent teachers & critics of the art, who will be our Panel of Judges.

We will arrive at the final results within this week. An exhibition will showcase the paintings done by the participants of both the days. And the Prizes & Certificates to the participants of Jayamahal Part & Certificates to the The Samhita Academy participants will be issued at the exhibition.

Warm regards

Inayath Ulla Khan